Welcome to emmcpinouts.com

Welcome to eMMC Pinouts! We supply software for performing Direct eMMC (ISP) dumping and the all important circuit board schematics ("pinouts") needed to dump Android handsets & tablets, Windows handsets and tablets and satnavs. We also host schematics for flash memory "chip-off" work. These schematics highlight the position and type of flash memory present on a range of devices and detail the chip adapter required to dump the chip contents.

Registration is FREE, once registered any member may download software installers and updates. Access to our continually growing repository of direct eMMC pinouts and chip-off schematics requires an annual subscription of £280 + VAT. This will give you unlimited access to the repository for 12 months as we continue to add more devices.

Browse the repository for free to see which devices are included before committing to a paid subscription.

eMMC Pinouts is brought to you by FoneFunShop, the #1 supplier of phone unlocking tools, in partnership with mobile forensic training specialists, Control-F